English for Children aged 6-10 (Level A1)

The course "English for Children aged 6-10 (Level A1)" is designed to introduce young learners, aged 6 to 10, to the basics of English language learning at Level A1 proficiency. It covers fundamental vocabulary and grammar topics suitable for beginners, focusing on school subjects, daily routines, family, hobbies, and more. Through engaging lessons and activities, children will develop essential language skills such as listening, speaking, reading, and writing in English.

Module 1

  • Lesson 1 Lexis: School subjects, rooms and activities; Adverbs of sequence. Grammar: Present Simple or Present Continuous; good at/ not good at + nouns.""
  • Lesson 2 Lexis: chores and free time; buildings and breakfast; frequency expressions. Grammar: present simple with adverbs of frequency; How often do you ..?""
  • Lesson 3 Lexis: places around town; adjectives to describe people; family. Grammar: to be: present simple and past simple; Wh- questions with was/were .""
  • Lesson 4 Lexis: food and tableware; safari. Grammar: countable and uncountable nouns with some/any; How much/many … There’s/ there are …""
  • Lesson 5 Lexis: family and musical instruments; action verbs; dressing up. Grammar: past simple regular verbs; past simple yes/no questions.""
  • Lesson 6 Lexis: sea animals; adjectives. Grammar: comparative; superlative of short adjectives.""
  • Lesson 7 Lexis: past simple irregular verbs; adverbs. Grammar: past simple irregular verbs; past simple with Wh- questions.""
  • Lesson 8 Lexis: objects in a history museum; materials and objects in the house; zoo words. Grammar: there was/were; yes/no questions with there was/were.""
  • Lesson 9 Lexis: sports clothes and equipment; healthy eating. Grammar: have to/ don’t have to; why (with have to)? and Because.""
  • Lesson 10 Lexis: Months and dates; festivals; languages. Grammar: future plans with going to; questions with going to ."
  • Lesson 11 final test"

Module 2

  • Lesson 1 Lexis: The world around us; prepositions of place and activities; leisure activities. Grammar: past simple question forms; verb + ...ing.""
  • Lesson 2 Lexis: Prepositions of movement; verbs and action verbs. Grammar: verbs with to + infinitive; could/ couldn’t and when clauses in the past.""
  • Lesson 3 Lexis: Bikes and cycling; describing a city bike ride; directions. Grammar: Must/ mustn’t for obligations; give directions.""
  • Lesson 4 Lexis: Jobs; adjectives; animals. Grammar: comparative form of long adjectives; superlative form of long adjectives.""
  • Lesson 5 Lexis: At the doctor’s; adjectives and verbs for staying healthy; shops. Grammar: Should and shouldn’t for advice; make suggestions.""
  • Lesson 6 Lexis: The natural world; verbs and pronouns; verbs and activities. Grammar: Past continuous; questions in past continuous.""
  • Lesson 7 Lexis: Technology; inventions; possessive pronouns. Grammar: Defining relative clauses; possessive pronouns.""
  • Lesson 8 Lexis: Parts of plants or animals; science and technology. Grammar: Will/ won’t for future predictions; questions with will.""
  • Lesson 9 Lexis: Using water; the water cycle.Grammar: Zero conditional; What happens if + present simple.""
  • Lesson 10 Lexis: Physical descriptions; pronouns and detective verbs; around the house. Grammar: Present perfect; ask What’s the matter? and make suggestions."
  • Lesson 11 final test

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